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Adjuncts and Associates

Batchelor Institute has a tradition of partnering with distinguished and talented researchers in the Indigenous research space. Adjunct researchers and associates may work in another institution, in Australia or overseas, for service providers, in-community or for Government-funded or private research organisations. Adjunct researchers may work as a private research consultant or be semi-retired. Researchers who wish to be considered to join our adjunct and associate team can learn more here.

What all Adjunct researchers share is an interest in the research goals of Batchelor Institute and a commitment to building an ongoing relationship with our researchers and candidates. The profiles of current Institute adjuncts can be viewed below:

Prof Odette Best
Prof Tracey Bunda
Dr Kirstie Close-Barry
Prof Lyn Fasoli
Dr Jack Frawley
Dr David Hardy
Dr Henk Huijser
Dr Catherine Holmes
Prof Barry Judd
Dr Eva McRae-Williams
Prof Doug Marmion
Dr Michael Michie
Dr Sonia Tidemann
Dr Myfany Turpin