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Higher Education Courses

The following courses are either delivered fully by Batchelor Institute staff, or jointly with CDU staff. By clicking on a course listed below you will be taken to the CDU website for the course details.

For enquiries please contact the below during office hours

PTS enquiries: Delean Holtze: 0499 461 724 or Mia Stanford: 08 8946 7402

Education enquiries: Joel Rioux: 08 8946 7604

Indigenous governance and policy / Contemporary Indigenous Australia: Susana Saffu: 08 8946 7347 or Darryn Wilson: 08 8946 7124

Indigenous languages and linguistics: Paola Fischer: 08 8946 6028

Alternatively, if you wish to speak with someone from the Batchelor Institute Student Support Unit contact Freecall 1800 677 095 or email

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